Our Research Team

Patrick Unger

Patrick has been working with Ronald Glas who spent 30 years in researching phytocannabinoids and their implications; based on specific classification, Patrick understands which phytocannabinoids are needed and in which proportion to have a real efficient formulation.

Prof. Maurizio Memo

Professor of Pharmacology - Author of more than 350 full scientificpapers all published in recognized international Journals. Owner of 3 patents: “Usefulcompound for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease” (2002); “Method for earlyidentification of Alzheimer’s Disease” (2005); “P53 antibody” (2014)Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine

Research at renact

At Renact, we believe in science and research; and it starts with specific formulations, from veteran in cannabis science Ronald Glas who spent 30 years in research.

     Creating a unique chemical taxonomy system related to cannabis

     Testing over 38,000 samples

     Conducting in-depth research on the profiles of different cannabinoids

Our belief and research proved that both certain major and minor cannabinoids must be used, in the right proportion for each specific formulation. CBD or cannabidiol is just one of them, and most of the time not the main one.

RENACT offers precisely chosen and dosed cannabinoids to reach your homeostasis


How Renact products are made

It is not just about formulation it is also about controlling the whole chain having the right facility. Our research on cannabinoids led us to pinpoint particular cannabis strain (s) which fits our criteria for each specific formula. Once found, we then cultivated it, following our own strict bioorganic methods.

We obtain our cannabinoids extract using subcritical CO2 extraction, at our laboratory facility in Switzerland, utilizing an innovative cold C02 extraction process. As in all of our facilities, this laboratory is GACP, GMP Cosmetics, and GMP Pharma Certified. We have used third-party tests to guarantee that our products have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in a cool, dark environment.

Our formulations and promises

At RENACT, we know how to formulate a fully functional products, but it takes time and efforts. That is why our range is limited; committed to quality that is why we are specialized and dedicated. We know how to find the perfect match of cannabinoids for the most effective solution.


Isolates are crystals of a single component compound (only CBD for instance). They are the cheapest and lowest quality form of a cannabinoid, derived by aggressive extraction; In contrast, distillates are thick oils containing different cannabinoids and terpenes which depend on the extraction process used to conserve all of the main active compounds of the flower.

What it means for you

You will have in hand a completely natural, high-quality pure undiluted product that empowers you in a safe and gentle way. We currently offer two formulas, RELIEF, and REST.